Conference Name

  • International Conference on Contemporary Islamic Studies (ICIS2023)
  • Seminar Antarabangsa Pengajian Islam Kontemporari (ICIS2023)

Conference Theme

“Memperkasa Masyarakat Madani Menerusi Penyelidikan Berteraskan Pengajian Islam”

Conference Background

Islamic studies is one of the most crucial disciplines for Malaysia's national development. This discipline seeks to achieve a balance in the development process in order to produce stability and sustainability in a nation. Therefore, the discipline of Islamic studies must evolve alongside the current era. This discipline must be evaluated periodically through high-impact research so that it is in line with the current circulation and demands in order to encounter the challenges occurred in the modern era.

In the discipline of Islamic studies, there are numerous contemporary issues, such as Zakat, Waqf, and Philanthropy, Islamic Turath, Islamic astronomy, manuscripts, halal, Islamic family, fiqh, mualamat, and Islamic finance. Even many aspects of management, research, legislation, enforcement, and models must be shared by academics, Islamic scholars, and industry participants for the benefit of society. It must also be disseminated to ensure that its implementation comply to the Shariah requirements and has a positive effect.

Therefore, ACIS is pleased to organise ICIS 2023 with the participation of lecturers in various fields and topics, including Zakat, Waqf, philanthropy, Islamic tradition, comparison of religions, Islamic astrology, Islamic Construction, Islamic Malay Manuscripts, Muamalat, and Islamic finance.