ICIS 2023

Islamic studies is among the pivotal areas in assuring Malaysia becoming the well-balanced developing country. Therefore, a contemporary studies related to Islamic context has to be initiated in making sure Islamic studies is not left behind with the fast rate of world development. To perform that part, Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS) as one of the faculty in UiTM has played a pivotal role in promoting any form of contemporary Islamic studies for years. It is a delight to announce that ACIS will be conducting an International Conference On Contemporary Islamic Studies (ICIS 2023) virtually on the upcoming 16th November 2023.


ICIS2023 intends to bring together a variety of new scientific and technological developments and challenges. Its primary objective is to address and discuss any contemporary issues on Islamic studies from national or global level. This will be the finest platform to share any research input to encourage an insightful ideas in strengthening the Islamic studies. In addition, this conference will offer an impetus for new networks to be developed and finally will elevate ACIS in becoming the leader of Contemporary Islamic Studies.